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To support the workforce required for this growing health and life sciences ecosystem, top health employers and educational leaders in the Roanoke and New River Valleys, the Alleghany Highlands, and the greater Lynchburg region (listed to the left) began actively exploring a regional partnership for health sciences education and workforce development.

Through meetings and interviews in 2019, the group envisioned a public-private approach to instruction using existing resources and curriculum developed with the help of these employers.

The current need for qualified health workforce along with the projected growth of the health and life sciences industry demands that public institutions and private employers move quickly.

The Blue Ridge Partnership for Health Science Careers is working quickly to help adult students earn credentials in the most critically needed health jobs while developing a qualified talent pool that will meet the future growth needs of employers.  

BRPHSC simultaneously elevates, standardizes, and streamlines the education and training process. Our approach is fostering a culture of innovation and economic vitality that makes our region attractive to companies of all sizes seeking a strong talent pool and access to quality healthcare.

The Blue Ridge Partnership for Health Science Careers is always looking for new partners. Want to get involved as an employer? Contact us using the form below.

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